from by Both Girls

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shooting pain in shoulder
sudden loss of breath
panicked palpitations
pulsing through the chest

polaroid explosion
passing through the brain
images familiar
strung out like a chain

you go weak in the knees like a drunk at the end
of the night
you can see but the people and places are multiplied
or divided depends on the day

as you lie on the floor looking up at the lights
every thought that you keep at the back of your mind
rushes forward demanding a turn to address
center stage

EKG is dancing
monitor alarmed
suddenly surrounded
octopus of arms

field of vision narrowing
tunnel into space
electric intervention
startle back awake

now you're conscious enough to believe
you came back from the other side
bits and pieces of pixels burned in your mind
but the picture is too hard to see

like an island of blue in a white static haze
re-encrypted in code buried deep in a maze
broken memories of meaning are all that remain
but it's enough

well i can hear sirens singing songs coming closer
all the time
i see the colors kaleidoscopic lights
they turn around and again penetrate the night

and i can hear voices in my head spin a silent thread
it pulls itself apart and unites again
my broken record brain sewing circle shapes
i'm floating like a stone into outer space

i open up my eyes and i'm seeing stars
a needle in a vein filling up my arm
the curtains pulling back man in uniform
am i ghost? am i being born again?


from Both Girls, released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Both Girls Columbus, Ohio

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