nothing i can keep

from by Both Girls

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i am at a loss, i am out of breath
i'm climbing up the walls and falling to my death
it's bitter to the taste to wake up with the sunrise

everything i have is nothing i can keep
it's heavy like a weight i crumble underneath
my head is like a bank of screaming static screens

looking for a line that i can't follow
echo back, the room is dead
everything i know sounds thin and hollow
running through my aching head

everyone i know is saying something
but i don't really want to hear
maybe if they'd shut their mouths the silence
would finally start to come in clear

i am at a loss, i am on the wall
i'd rather go around, afraid i'm gonna fall
but it stretches out as far as any man can see

everything i love is nothing i can keep
the demons hear the sound and gather underneath
they shudder at the thought that anyone is free

looking for a line to pull me higher
staring at the midnight stars
climbing every rung of jacob's ladder
up into the deepest dark

i can hear the sound of angels singing
i can hear them overhead
i don't know if i'm awake or dreaming
for all i know i might be dead

looking for a line that spans the ages
searching for a common thread
sewn into the binding of the pages
i'm turning over in my head

i wrestle with a man without a face
and whisper in the ocean's ear
underneath the sun i'll make my case
and when it falls i'll disappear


from Both Girls, released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Both Girls Columbus, Ohio

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