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the skeletal remains of who we were
exhumed from a shallow grave
would you whisper if there's something
that you want to say

the tickle in my ear an answer
in a word from another age
that everyone who's ever been is just the same

and history is not an upward sloping line
but it's a spiral moving up and down and in and out
like electrons hopping valences

and meaning is a label easily assigned but soon forgotten
cause when we die our words trade places
and spin stories of their own

so we chase the wind but it blows away again

the faces in the crowd all staring back
bleed into a sea of grey
does anyone have something that they'd like to say?

our moment in the sun is fading fast
so speak up, tell me anything
maybe you could be the one to teach me how to sing

you say that life is not a sequence programmed
from the sky but it's a story
woven up and down and in and out
like the stitches in a hem

and meaning is a ghost that hides between the lines
and in the margins
so in the end our words are carried
by another set of arms

from the dust we come, to the dust we go
and the space between where the garden grows
is a mystery that no one will know again

and who can say which way the wind is gonna blow?
all the liars try to tell you that they know
spinning stories smooth as silk into a web
turn around and switch the ending up again

so we chase the wind and it blows away again


from Both Girls, released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Both Girls Columbus, Ohio

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